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There are two parallel processes a person arrested for DUI must face in California. One is legal (the courts); the other administrative (DMV). The DMV hearing (called Administrative Per Se Hearing) is only concerned with your driving privileges and your arrest circumstances. Charles L Cassy Attorney at Law is the legal team that will provide you with the unique defenses needed in DMV hearings.

At your arrest for DUI the officer usually will confiscate your driver's license and give you a pink "Notice of Suspension" which serves as a temporary license. After 30 days this temporary license expires and you do not have a license to legally drive. This notice gives you information stating that you are entitled to a DMV hearing to prevent suspension if you request a hearing within 10 days of your arrest.

It is critical to call the DMV within 10 days of your arrest to demand a hearing or your right to a hearing may be lost and your license will automatically be suspended. When you contact Charles L Cassy Attorney at Law, advise us whether you have contacted the DMV. If not we will call for you.

If you request a DMV hearing your suspension/revocation will be delayed pending the outcome of your hearing. Having an experienced DUI lawyer from Charles L Cassy Attorney at Law represent you at the hearing may mean a possible winning outcome that prevents license suspension or revocation.

You have the option of a telephone hearing and may be encouraged by the DMV to conduct your hearing telephonically. In some instances a telephone hearing makes sense. However, this may not be the most advantageous for your case. Contact Charles L Cassy Attorney at Law immediately after your arrest and we will request the hearing to take place at the DMV office with your Charles L Cassy Attorney at Law DUI defense attorney representing you or at your side. It can mean the difference of keeping your license or having it suspended.

About DMV Hearings:

  • The DMV hearing takes place at a local DMV driver safety branch office
  • Presided over by a DMV hearing officer (not a judge)
  • More informal than court trials. Hearing is tape recorded
  • Takes place in DMV office (sometimes over the telephone)
  • "Burden of proof" (amount of evidence needed to prove guilt) is easier to satisfy in DMV hearing
  • You have the right to a lawyer at your own expense
  • You can review and challenge evidence
  • You can subpoena and present witnesses (including the arresting officer)
  • You can cross-examine witnesses
  • You can testify and present evidence on your own behalf
  • DMV considers all the presented evidence
  • DMV hearing officer will sustain the action (suspension/revocation) or set aside the action reversing the suspension/revocation (you can drive)
  • The DMV decision can be appealed through a department review or Superior Court

The Ventura DUI defense attorneys of  Charles L Cassy Attorney at Law will bring into play all the defensive options available to help you keep your driving privileges and prevent your insurance rates from becoming exorbitant in cost or cancelled. A good result at the DMV hearing may convince a prosecutor to offer you reduced charges or even a dismissal. The lawyers at Charles L Cassy Attorney at Law know the arguments that may persuade DMV hearing officers to decide favorably in your case. Call us immediately if you are arrested for DUI and we will come to your defense.

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Contact Charles L Cassy Attorney at Law immediately upon being investigated or charged with any DUI and preparing for your DMV hearing. We have over thirty years experience in defending these cases.  We will put our expertise to work for you.

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