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"Aggravating factors" can turn a simple misdemeanor DUI into a felony DUI offense. You have gone from a simple DUI to a DUI felony offense that carries harsh and additional penalties in Ventura County and under California law. The Ventura law firm of Charles L Cassy Attorney at Law has a long history of DUI felony representation with over thirty years of DUI defense. Call us immediately if you are a loved one is charged with a DUI Felony.

To avoid long prison sentences and harsh penalties you require a skilled DUI Felony defense attorney to represent you. You need Charles L Cassy Attorney at Law. We have more not guilty verdicts than any other law firm in Ventura. We have over thirty years of experience in all criminal matters including all types of DUI offenses. We will listen to you, investigate all details of your case and fight to get you the best results possible. A DUI felony conviction is truly a life shattering event. You need a local, aggressive, Ventura lawyer to fight DUI Felony charges. We will come to your defense!

DUI Felony:

  • A simple DUI is escalated to a DUI Felony if there are certain "aggravating factors"
  • "Aggravating factors" include: 1) DUI causing injury/death to another 2) Three or more prior DUI convictions within a ten year period 3) One or more prior felony DUI conviction(s) 4) out of state conviction that would be equivalent to a CA DUI
  • You can be charged under DUI causing injury
  • You can be charged with DUI Manslaughter (causing death)
  • You can be charged with DUI 2nd degree murder ("Watson Murder")
  • Any charge will be based on the circumstances of your case and your prior criminal record
  • Priorable offenses like DUI have harsher penalties and longer prison sentences with each conviction for the same or a similar offense
  • If you have a prior DUI felony on your criminal record and are convicted of any kind of DUI, you will be charged with a felony DUI

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